PTF 10

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PTF-10 has some mysteries with it too. 

The Cards show it was sold to an organization in England, but here it is sunk?

Dan  All that I know is that the Ten Boat( Nasty) was sunk by her crew because they said it was haunted by a dead crew member. It seems that the Number Ten in Viet Nam was like the Number Four in Japan and Thirteen is here in the USA. I know for a fact that a crew member's guts got blown into the operating station bilges unknowing to the MST crew. A few days later every one with a nose knew it. We cleaned and cleaned the bilges but the odor was still there. The boat was sent to Subic Bay, where they removed all of the tanks and re-cleaned and painted the bilges. The boat returned to Da Nang and within a few days the odor was back. They had to force the crew to man the boat and shortly there after the Vietnamese crew took it out and it didn't come back, but the crew came back on another boat unhurt. I was there when all of this took place. Jim