PTF 26

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PTF 26

The Osprey is the 95 foot  big brother to the Nasty. Of the four Osprey boats, we have information for two of them today: PTF-23 and PTF-26. If you can contribute material, please email it to:
  1. Checkout the complete collection of photos of PTF-26 in the Grand Gallery taken during a tour at Liberty-Maritime on February 26, 2000.
  2. Read the final legal opinion regarding the seizure of PTF-26 by the US government from the city of Newport, Oregon (text reformatted).  This an interesting piece of history regarding PTF-26.
  3. Web site for the current caretakers of PTF-26,  the Liberty Maritime Museum 

08/29/03  Hi Dan,  I ran across the Liberty Maritime site for PTF-26 about two weeks ago and forwarded the attached photo to them at that time.To date I have not heard anything from them acknowledging the pic and would like to send it to you. 

I was an EN3 in "A" Gang aboard the USS Tuscaloosa LST-1187 from 1971-74.   During that time we returned from a West pac with the PTF-26 secured to our main deck aft. 

Attached is a photo of her that I took while underway unfortunately without the log book I kept {it's "somewhere" in a box in my closet}   I cannot tell you the date.                                                                   

The hard drive between my ears is a bit dusty but I  am pretty sure it was in Subic  We did make several runs into DaNang but heading home we loaded up with a bunch of "stuff" in the PI   Let me do a little digging and I may just find another pic and the diary with a date for our return but give me a few days on that.

I see your just up the road across the Hood Canal bridge from me!! Thanks for the fast response!!! 

I also have some pics of the PCF-4 that hit a mine while on patrol if your interested.

The ONE thing that stands out in my mind to this day was the ncomfortable feeling of the ship being "top heavy" something I DID NOT LIKE,  having served previously on The Fort Marion LSD-22, The Canberra CA-70 and the Bausell DD-845.   

 I'll get back to you this week. Thanks,  Ron Jensen, Port Orchard, Wa

Reader's photos of PTF Ospreys:

Photos from Mike Klapka jpg (400946 bytes) jpg (215521 bytes)
jpg (149396 bytes) jpg (176898 bytes) See Mike Klapka's comments - which boat is this?
jpg (168064 bytes)
Osprey Line Drawing from
Jim Gray
Osprey Drawing (31918 bytes)