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PTFs in Greece

07/08/2003    Dear Dan!

First I saw the PTF's and after I searched the Internet, I found your great page. I thought to myself, maybe you'd like to have some new information and pics for your page.

Here they are! I saw "P 196" of the Greek navy (Andromeda) stationed at the island of Chios opposite the Turkish coast. It was the first week of June 2003. It seems, the boat is stationed there regularly.

"P 199" Pegasos is stationed at the island of Samos also not far away from Turkey.
I found it at the harbor of the town of "Pithagorio" just a week later.

Both I watched for some day. They seemed not to go for patrol duties very often - but both crews like to have barbecue on Sunday!

Both boats have their torpedo tubes removed.
Their gun armament stayed in place.

I hope you have been interested in this news.

You are free to use my pictures for your page!

Yours sincerely


Dan:  When I was with the Greek Navy on the exchange program in 1973, they had Six Nastys. They were at that time looking to convert their Dynamometer so that they could test the Deltic as well as the MTU (12V331TC83) engines. They had the fixtures and ovens needed to overhaul Detltics. To my knowledge I was the only US Navy Man that got to tear down and build back up a Deltic Engine along with Mike Baker a Deltic Tech Rep. I don't blame them for changing out to MTU's. Even I have been pushing the FL. boat group to think about another engine, as Deltic's need all kinds of TLC.  They don't have long hours between overhauls and super large amounts of dollars to keep them up and running.  I liked the engines but it took care and time to keep them together, but at the time they were the best HP to weight ratio we could get. I got to ride their boats every so often.At first they couldn't understand why I knew the boats so well until they discovered that we had them in Viet Nam and San Diego. - Jim Thomas

(10/11/02) Hi Dan, I just got my copy of the latest U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings and they had a small article in back about the Greek Navy's patrol craft. It seems that the Greeks acquired some Norwegian PTFs (1966, 1967 builds), replaced the Deltics with 12cylinder MTU diesels in 1988. They were in storage for about 5 years and have just been put back into service as patrol boats. The boats are P196 Andromeda, P198 Kyknos, P199 Pegasus, and P288 Toxotis. In the USNI photo of P196 and P199 (xnasty2.jpg) it appears that these are torpedo boat versions with a Mk4 20mm Oerlikon forward and a 40mm Bofors L70 gun aft. - 

Bob Stoner

p196.jpg (52174 bytes)

Hello Again,
I'm back with some photos. The status of our Nasty class boats is as follows. We have four (4), still functional and fully operational serving as patrol boats. These are:
  • HS KIKNOS P198

Attached, you will find 6 photos of KIKNOS (Swan in Greek) and 1 photo of TOXOTIS (Archer in Greek). If I find more photos I will send them to you but that's all I could gather for the time being.

If you need any more info let me know and I will see what I can do.

George Floros

George:  I got you email address from the gunboatriders website.  Your posting said that you were the future CO (at the time) of the HS Ormi (ex USS Beacon).  I am associated with a related website,  We are trying to put together the history of the Nasty class torpedo boats.  Some pictures of your navy's Nasty class boats are included, but not as many as we would like.  Do
you know of any one, maybe a fellow officer, that might have some photos and information that could be included on the website?  Thank you for your time and any assistance.  Chip

They have been re-engined with two MTU12V331TC92 engines.   P198_1.jpg (74463 bytes) P198_2.jpg (72545 bytes) Kyknos
The weapons suite does not seem to have changed. P198_3.jpg (82734 bytes) P198_4.jpg (95058 bytes)
P198_5.jpg (83080 bytes) P198_6.jpg (79926 bytes)
. P228.jpg (56495 bytes)