PTF 17

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On Friday April 14, 2000 I made a trip to the Buffalo & Erie County Navel & Military Park. ( Check out ) This huge park is home for the Guided missile cruiser, USS Little Rock, CLG-4, the destroyer USS The Sullivans, DD-537, submarine USS Croaker, SSK-246 and PTF-17.

Although PTF-17 seemed a stepchild setting off by itself behind a construction fence, I was given the royal tour thanks to Colonel Cunningham the Park Manager. The entire area is torn up since a major expansion is taking place and a new museum building will be built.

The skies were a little cloudy so the photos were a bit hard to take, but the Sony Mavica did a great job. 

Checkout the complete collection of photos of PTF-17 in the Grand Gallery. JPG (27413 bytes)