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02-15-08 - The PTF-18 appears to be sold to an unknown person in California to become a yacht. Photos of its current condition can be seen on the PTF-5 page.

04/10/04 - Update - This boat was moved to Chesapeake Marina with the other boats for sale.

I visited this craft in October, 2000. Checkout the complete collection of photos of PTF-18 in the Grand Gallery.

This vessel, complete with Deltic engines, is for sale in Newport News, VA.  

The engines have been overhauled, re-ringed and dyno tested.

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We can supply, subject to prior sale, the following: 

Four late-style Patrol Vessels, having a length of 80ft. and a very wide beam of 241/2ft. 

These ships will be thoroughly painted inside and outside. They will also be given a bottom coating of PRC, a Navy-approved chemical covering. PRC fully adheres to wood and totally protects it in all seas, including tropical waters, and grants a five year protection. 

Subject vessels have a pair of 47" diameter by 62" pitch propellers mounted onto four inch propeller shafts with heavy-duty struts and cutlass bearings. The rudders are designed for speeds of 46 knots; the steering from the lazarette to the bridge is of the hydraulic type. 

The engine room is complete with necessary electric pumps and two Perkins Marined Generator Sets (or similar), along with air compressors (as needed) for starting the main propulsion engines. 

The heat exchangers for the main engines are present, as is most of the exhaust system. A pair of 3100 HP Paxman-Napier Deltic Diesel Engines, having reverse and reduction gears of 1.87: 1 (underdrive), plus a V-drive system, have been installed as the main propulsion for the vessels. 

There are ten fuel tanks of 600 gallons each plus one 71 gallon oil tank. The control room will be complete with all of the instruments and morse-type shifter stations. 

Each vessel sleeps 20 people and has a galley plus a dining room. 

The following are other significant items aboard: 

  1. Heating and ventilation system ducting
  2. Fresh water and sanitary system
  3. Fresh water cooling system
  4. Diesel fuel system with plumbing
  5. Lubricating oil system with plumbing
  6. Salt water cooling system
  7. Major part of the exhaust system
  8. Air supply system present
  9. Light and fixture arrangement
  10. Deck equipment
  11. Air starting system
  12. Layout of cables throughout the ship
  13. Fire control system
  14. Most of the main switch gear
  15. Drainage and deck wash system

These vessels are in operational condition and are offered at the special net wholesale price, firm, FAS Virginia, U.S.A. REDUCED THIS YEAR TO ................................... $388.000.00 Each.

With two 500HP Detroit Diesels   $126,000.00
With two 700HP Detroit Diesels   $156,000.00
With two 900HP Detroit Diesels   $199.000.00