PTF 24

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Here is a reader that cleared up the mystery of PTF-24 and her whereabouts.

So far getting info out of PMTC  [Pacific Missile Test Center - Dan] has always lead to a dead end.   That's probably because, after they turned in the boats, they have no further dealings with then,  You might get information from DHEW who handled their disposal as surplus property, but perhaps only with a number of the transaction.  After all this time records are probably non-existent

 I hope you can get us back on track again. The big question is what became of PTF Nasty 20 and 21 after they were turned over
to PMTC in 1970
   These went to , as Tom remembers, a company in 29 Palms (CA) and last he heard were in Long Beach.  He remembers their name as General Propulsion.

, and, PTF Osprey 24 in 1985:    Sunk as a target off San Diego.  We had stripped her of all usable parts.  The engines off her went to the Navy in Norfolk, VA.  We used parts on the PTF 26.  

We refurbished the PTF 26 and used it for range operations in Pt Hueneme from about 1986 to 1990.  After that it went through a series of government agencies and is currently in a museum in Rio Vista, CA.


Can you give me any "specific info" on the demise of PTF-24 off of San Diego. What was the nature of the test. It must have been towed into position and blasted at.  Dan

In 1985 I requisitioned both the PTF 24 and 26 for use as a motion picture project for the port of Newport (OR).  The port hired my company, Modoc Technical Services Inc., to renovate one of them for the movie.   The engines had already been removed from the 24 and sent to Norfolk, VA years before.  We removed all of the usable machinery (generators and misc electrical) and used them on the 26.  We were going to use the 24 as a scenery backdrop for the movie.  As in all good things, the whole project fell apart for lack of funding.  This left the state of 'OR with about 6 vessels tied up at pier 13 at the 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego.  I was in charge of the project.  Things went from bad to worse and the commander told us to get all the stuff out of there, NOW.  We ended up using the YTM's to tow the PTF 26 to Newport, OR.  The YTMs went one to Port of Astoria and one to Port of Newport.  The PTF 26 ended up in a law suit at the Port of Newport.  This left the poor old 24 tied to pier 13.  I finally convinced surface targets to "take care of it" for me.  They towed it out to the target area and they used Seal Team 1 from Coronado to set charges on it.  It didn't even have a chance to become a good target.  I hated to do that as it was really the nicer hull, but I was unable to prevent it.  I have a big long story of the life of the PTF 26 if you are interested.  


We understood from GP that PTF-11 was part of them. That makes one too many - Dan

My recollection of the PTF 11 is that it was stationed out of Norfolk, VA.  I think that I heard it was sunk up off of NY.  I don't think that the PTF 11 was ever on the west coast.  I'll give it some more thought and see if I can remember more.  - Tom