PTF 13

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PTF-13 has disappeared too. 

The Cards show it was sold to an organization in San Francisco?

(03/09/03)  I cannot find evidence of any 80-foot PTF hulls that were documented. Unfortunately, there's a "wash barrier" in the Coast Guard database; they assign a "Document Number" when somebody first applies for documentation, and this same number becomes "Official" when all the hurdles are jumped and the vessel receives its documents. The PTF 13 therefore probably was assigned a number that we'd recognize as an official number, except it was never official. As I mentioned in one of these missives, nobody in the San Francisco area knows of that vessel. I've tried scanning the accessible parts of the database for a similar craft, and found nothing. My search parameters included a 70-80 foot wooden hull, built in the 1960's with a building location of Philadelphia or Norway. I also searched for anything indicating "California Caribbean Sport Diving" and various iterations and found nothing. Another route available to the owner would be to make an agreement with some Coast Guard inspector as to how much work would constitute "rebuilding to the point of new construction." In that case, build data would be misleading, because it would show as the yard and date the reconstruction was done, and it would be nearly impossible to identify her from the records alone. I realize that her owners would have faced the same problems regardless of the truth about the boat's origins, but its just an ironic twist that the boat he couldn't get documented might have been built in the United States after all. Don't worry. I'm still searching for evidence of her! -George