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6.1.1 CO2 System
6.1.2 Fire extinguishers (hand)


6.1  Fire control system



6.1.1. CO2 - System (fig. 6.1.) 

Description:  The CO2-system consists of two storage bottles (1), pipe- lines (2) with spray nozzles (3) and manual release equipment on deck (6). 

Figure 6.1 Fire Control System jpg (41354 bytes)

The CO2 Storage Bottles (1) are placed on foundations in the forward part of section V on the star- board side. 

The capacity of each bottle is 30 kg. -- 66 Lbs. 
Total capacity 60 kg. -- 132 Lbs. CO2-gas. 

The Pipelines (2) consists of 3/4" and 1/2" copper pipes fitted below deck throughout sections IV and V. Spray- nozzles (3) are fitted in both compartments. The two storage bottles installed in the boat can deliver CO2-gas to the tank and control room and to the engine room, sections IV and V. 

Manual Release. Each CO2 bottle (1) is fitted with a quick-release valve (4). These valves are remotely controlled by the wire (5) mounted in 1/4" copper pipes. The remote control-box (6) is placed on the aft port of the bridge. 

If the handle marked: "Engine room," is pulled, both CO2-bottles will operate, as valve (7) and valves (4) will be opened. As the valve (8) will remain closed, the CO2-gos will be led to the engine room only. 

Fire extinguishing equipment on the aft part of the bridge. If the bottles but as led to handle marked: "Tank Room," is pulled, both will operate, as the valves (4) and (8) will open, valve (7) will remain closed, the CO2 gas will be led to the tank compartment only. 

The storage bottles (II). 

jpg (116068 bytes) jpg (120863 bytes)

Fire extinguishing equipment on the aft part of the bridge.

6.1.2. Fire Extinguishers (Hand) 

Hand fire extinguishers are placed in all sections except sections I, and VI. 

There are two types of extinguishers onboard, 6 kg's - 13 Lbs powder-extinguishers (9) and 3 kg's -- 6.6 Lbs CO2 extinguishers (10). 

Instructions for the use of these extinguishers are printed on them and are normal for the two types. 

In case of fire, all hatches, ventilators and doors should be closed and all fans stopped.