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Welcome to the AUDIO GALLERY

The start of this collection of audio cuts came from Armed Forces Radio Vietnam - DaNang, in late 1968.

First installment was from several tapes loaned to me by my good friend Bill Wilson from Woodinville, WA.  Bill was an ET on the USS ELDORADO, AGC-11. He recorded them from a receiver in the ET shop that provided audio for the ship's entertainment system. The audio quality is pretty good considering all of the different forms it has taken.

I have encoded the audio files for playback on 28.8K modems. In the future I will try some versions for those of you with DSL or ISDN circuits.

Due to the type of compression, these files use Windows Media Player.
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NOVEMBER 14, 1968

This selection is taken from an afternoon show recorded from Armed Forces Radio Vietnam..

I have deleted the songs and just left the spots in between the music.

Driving reminder Recruiters News Header 1
Same Team Chu Hoi Program News 2
Red Cross Wild Thang... News 3
Seeing Red Australia R & R News 4
Airmail Rate Clearwater News 5
14 Nov Extending R & R News 6
Stepping Stone Busy News News 7
Tokyo R & R War Trophies  
Special Services Tex Ritter  
Savings Bonds Network Difficulties  
Apples Peaches    

Check back for more selections to be added.

Because the compression is so good I will soon put on some longer sets with music and full news broadcasts.