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Many of you have seen the early photos on the web of the seven PTFs sitting on the ground at Great Bridge, VA.  Photos 2-7 were taken by other fans.

Photos 9-31 were taken by Dan Withers on October 16,2000.

Added 09-09-2014 - Here is a fun Video Clip of a Covert Mission (YouTube link)to look over these boats in 2002 by Dennis Ambruso and Steve Meade.

Dennis comments:

As you know, these boats were on private property at the time so I felt as though we were trespassing, which of course we were !  My friend and video maker is Steve Meade who lives in NC. was in the boating industry at the time, as was I up in Connecticut. We used his john boat to cross the canal on our covert mission to inspect the boats. when the canal gate sirens went off,  I didn't know what to expect until I realized it was just the warning alarm ! 

I still have those ventilators I found in the sand and they are almost lamps (big lamps) ! This trip was a quest of fate for me in terms of loading them onto my ship for delivery to the Nam in 66', and then seeing them in their demise in 2007 , Sad! - Dennis 

Mr Norton indicates that these boats are sold for a movie project and they will crashed and burned.

Terraserver satellite photo



1 greatbridge (18872 bytes) JPG (132383 bytes) 2 Jim Gray Photo
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The photos that follow are stern shots from left to right of the 7 boats. 9 MVC-005S.JPG (42164 bytes) MVC-006S.JPG (46363 bytes) 10
11 MVC-007S.JPG (42510 bytes) MVC-008S.JPG (31338 bytes) 12
13 MVC-009S.JPG (34821 bytes) MVC-010S.JPG (26020 bytes) 14
15 MVC-011S.JPG (42687 bytes) MVC-012S.JPG (27655 bytes) 16 This is the only boat that we can really identify.
Ammo box thrown from top of deck. 17 MVC-013S.JPG (31321 bytes) MVC-014S.JPG (58028 bytes) 18
19 MVC-015S.JPG (60531 bytes) MVC-016S.JPG (44415 bytes) 20 Logs supporting the hulls on the ground
21 MVC-017S.JPG (42888 bytes) MVC-018S.JPG (51826 bytes) 22
23 MVC-019S.JPG (38812 bytes) MVC-021S.JPG (57279 bytes) 24 Three of the hulls were sanded and two were painted with a rubber coating.
Fresh air intake. 25 MVC-022S.JPG (59238 bytes) MVC-023S.JPG (45044 bytes) 26 Props in the sand.
Electric furnace. 27 MVC-024S.JPG (56793 bytes) MVC-025S.JPG (62565 bytes) 28 I climbed up a tree and took these 4 photos sweeping left to right.
29 MVC-026S.JPG (64124 bytes)

MVC-027S.JPG (36582 bytes)

31 MVC-028S.JPG (39491 bytes) 32