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Welcome to the beginning of the Art Gallery

While we have only a few pieces of art to display at this time, I know this section will grow as people share their artwork with those of us in the PTF world.

Alan Sandoval has a model of a PTF, which I view as art. He writes: ... this is a "model of  a 'Nasty' that I brought home with me.
I think it cost either 20 or 40 cartons of Salems"
PTF model (16384 bytes)

Although a Gunners mate by trade, Jim Gray was an Art College graduate. This is one of his works. Unfortunately this image started from a 4"x 6" photograph of that painting. Gray painting

Painting by Tom Freeman. This painting recently appeared with the web article "The Secret Side of Tonkin Gulf Incident" , (oops this link is stale too. Now looking for a new one. )U.S. Naval Institute - Naval History - by Dale Andrade and Kenneth Conboy JPG (161861 bytes)

This is the Welcome Brochure from PTF-17 and 19 while they were on tour of US cities. I'm not sure if this is art, but it is a graphic expression for others to enjoy. welcome1.jpg (100138 bytes) welcome2.jpg (91887 bytes)

These two pen and ink drawings definitely are classified as art. They were done by Navy Captain John Roach. 

This reference (the link is now dead, trying to find a new one) is a copy of an article in Naval History magazine describing Captain Roach's art efforts.. 

ptfsketch1.jpg (247196 bytes) ptfsketch2.jpg (107967 bytes)