Swatow Patrol Boat

[ Technical ]

The North Vietnamese "Swatow" Patrol Boat

This is the boat that caused all of the fuss in the North Vietnamese waters. We wanted to study the craft and make comparisons to the Nasty where we can.

(02/23/02)  Chip,
Jane's Fighting Ships 1969-70 on page 61 (China section) lists "45 Swatow type" as P6 type MTBs with torpedo tubes removed. "In 1958 P-6 hulls were converted to "Swatow" class motor gunboats at Dairen, Canton and Shanghai." Rather poor starboard quarter photo of MGB appears on this page. "Swatow type: 67 tons full load, 83.5x20x6 ft., 4-37mm in twin mountings, 2-12.7mm, 8 depth charges, 4 diesels: 4,800 hp, 40 kts." This same listing continues in Jane's for many years after 1969-70 under the China section of the annual. In JFS 1970-71 under North Vietnam is the listing "24 USSR Swatow Class" with a Note: "30 Swatow class motor gunboats built in China were transferred in 1958, and 20 in 1964 to replace those lost in action. Pennant numbers run in a 600 series." Same data as above, except 2-20mm vice 12.7mm.No photo.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional info. Glad to help anytime. -Al Grobmeier
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North Vietnam

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