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07/23/00 Home Page New picture from Alan Sandoval

History Murdoch Historical Perspective - here is another point of view of how the PTFs were used in Vietnam

Updates to Chip's map of the base at DaNang, with details added to the map legend.

PTFs Today Latest what happen to PTF-22 and PTF-23

Readers Stories E-mails received since 07/02/00
The new guests are:

Technical Manuals for PTF 9-16 and Osprey are complete !

07/10/00 Technical PTF 17-22 Boat Manual completed

07/06/00 Sitemap New !  This should help new users to navigate through this website.

Grand Gallery New ! This under construction section will contain copies of all photos that are received segmented by donor and/or topic.

History Added 3 new historical perspectives on the PTF's participation in the Vietnam War.

DaNang Charts Chip Marshall has an ambitious project started to accurately recreate a 3-D view of the base at DaNang from input received from you the readers.

Readers Stories

E-mails received since 06/14/00
The new guests are: 

The Australian, Ken Murray, has completed work on his letter regarding defense of their coast line with modern Nastys.

Links East Coast River Rats,
Frank Cumberland's web site

Crew of PT-309, given to us by Tim Kelley

06/14/00 Dan's Rantings I want to apologize for these new updates being so late, but life over-ran me these past months. We have worked hard to spruce up the pages a little ( new navigation bars and page banners ) and  tried reorganize things, again, to make this web-site simpler to use. I hope it actually does help.

Stay tuned for the next web-site publication for on-line versions of  Boat Manuals: two for the NASTY Class and one for the OSPREY Class.
That has been many hours of scanning and editing.

I have lots of pictures to add too, but they too will have to wait until next time. Keep those photos coming in though.

Technical Format for this section has completely changed.
    Dropped three sections: Hull Layout, Engine Room, and Machinery.

Reworked Deltic Engines (and renamed Deltic Design ) for faster downloads.

Deltic Manual links to, a great site hosted by Alan Sandoval. 

Boat manuals added (replacing info from the three deleted sections Hull Layout, Engine Room, and Machinery)
   PTF 9-16 Manual
   PTF 17-22 Manual
   Osprey Manual

Added Weapons.

PTFs Today Completely changed the format of the page for PTF Nasty Boats. This new section will detail each PTF: how lost and where at today.

Discussion of possible restoration project moved here

Other Patrol Craft Deleted this section and moved entries to more appropriate places:
    Osprey to PTFs Today.
    Pegasus, PB Mk3, and Seafox to Readers' Stories

Readers Stories

Now contains Pegasus, PB Mk3, and Seafox

E-mails received since 04/28/00
The new guests are: 
    Jerry Chouinard
    Frank Cumberland
    Ralph Fries 
    Denis Hill
    Gene Kohler
    Carl Moore
    Anthony Orophino

More photos scrounged up by Chip Marshall, Mike Klapka, and Neil McDonald. But John Waugh wins the prize for the most new photos. Lots of Nasty underway photos. PLUS, a BONUS, another SNAKE photos.....

Ken Murray has added some thoughts on how Australia should defend their coast line with modern Nastys...

History New, very current chart of DaNang Harbor with lots of detail

04-27-00 Navigation
Reworked the entire web-page to reduce the number of items in the navigation bar at the top of each page.  
For now the home page navigation bar will link to sub-sections under Technical and Other Patrol Craft, but will be pulled in the future.
    Moved some items up to History Section, such as Dining Harbor and Mac-V-SOG.  Combined sub-sections under the History, Technical and Other Patrol Craft.

    PTF Nasty Boats is now a section for branching off to information on specific PTF Nasty craft. Also added a PTF For-Sale section.

PTF-17 Gang, sorry it has been so long since an update, but I had a 2 week road trip for work. However, I included some fun with a trip to Buffalo, NY and took photos of PTF-17.


Jim Gray adds a timeline perspective to the history of the PTF.
New DaNang Harbor photos and Map.

Reader's Stories

E-mails received since 04-03-00.
Check out Alan Sandoval's great sea story about Deltic engines (written to a young child).
Welcome Ford Swick who has a question for you BSU guys.
Ralph McMillian wins the prize for the most new photos --> MUST SEE SNAKE PHOTO.
Mark Tondel has added some great new PTF photos.
Jim West gives us the latest update to  the PTF-26 upgrades.

Links New LINKS to BSU sites added

PTF Osprey

OSPREY Hull Line Drawing added

04-03-00 Reader's Stories E-mails since 03-20-00
Added DaNang Harbor Layout Map
Great new photo from John Waugh that is now the opening page --super photo.
Welcome aboard Mark Tondel.
Moved photos of PTF-19 at Ft. Lauderdale to separate page for Dan Withers.

PHM Pegasus Added some great  links to PHM Pegasus page from Mike Klapka.

03-20-00 Reader's Stories E-mails since 03/03/00
New photos (see Smallshaw)

History Added BSU-1

UDT Museum New section for the UDT Museum, Ft. Pierce, FL.

03-14-00 MAC-V-SOG New section. Details PTF participation in the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group