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02-18-09 PTF-5-et al Added more updates and photos of the remaining PTF pieces.
09-13-07 History  PTF Nasty's designer passes away.
02-01-05 PTF-3 Caught up all newsletters
06-01-04 Jennings Added Jack Jennings and photos provided of PTF base and DaNang.
05-08-04 PTF-3 Added April Newsletter
04-16-04 PTF-5-et al Added photos received today from Portsmith of the remaining PTFs.
04-12-04 Colinas Added comments from George Colinas and photos
PTF-19 Chuck Fowler submits his Restoration Project/Site Visit Report
04-10-04 PTFBoats2 Show where the restoration efforts are now at
PTFBoats Brought the history of where they are now up to date.
Modelers Added two new modeler stories  and links
Deltic Discussion Added photo and story about SuperPumper
PTF26 New story and photo about bringing her back from Subic
PTFGreece Pictures and story from a local PTF watcher
PTF3 Added photos and newsletters
PTFSFORSALE Changes and a new idea on what boat number is what.
PTF-19 Created new page for PTF-19 restoration. Added photos

01-04-04 PTF-3  Updated the section with current info Added Ellerman photos.

10-01-03 PTF-3  Updated the section with current info, set width at 640 for Jerry's printing.
History Adjusted all of the page widths to 640 pixels for printing.

07/29/03 PTF-3  PTF-3 Moved to Deland FL. Photos and story by Jerry Fifield

06/21/03 PTF-3  PTF-3 Lifted from the Water. Photos and story by Jerry Fifield
PTF-3  Added Orlando Sentinal Article from the archives
PTF-3  Added Daytona News Journal archive link to "PTF" articles
PTF-3  Added emails and photos from Bob McCray on progress.
PTF-3  Split single page into two pages
Links Changed Swiftboat link to .

06/08/03 PTF-3  Added Orlando Sentinal article link

06/02/03 PTF-3  Added news clip and photos from Jerry Fifield

05/26/03 PTF-3  Added News releases and photos that were received on the move up the coast.

05/11/03 PTF-3  Added News releases that were received on the move progress.

04/24/03 Deltic Discussion Added photos from Allan Sergeant
Deltic Discussion Added Reprint from "Motor Ship" magazine from Allan Sergeant
Deltic Discussion Added Section on Super Pumper from Allan Sergeant

04/18/03 Deltic Discussion Added emails about pistons and alloy problems with the engines.
` Norway Received email from the Maritime Museum in Norway
PTF-22 Added more history received

03/08/03 PTF 1 & 2 Added PTF-1 & 2 Section for History and comments
Thomas Added Steve Thomas and his perspective of PTFs and DaNang
Deltic Discussion Added email and photo about a model Deltic engine. added major discussion thread about Turbocharging vs Supercharging
Greece Added photo and article from Proceedings about the Greek PTF upgrade story.
Foster added Jerry Foster as Trumpy Historian
Swatow added a section on the North Vietnamese/Chinese Swatow Patrol Boat
PTF-25 added Marshalls latest info and photos on PTF-25
Sandoval added Alans "Teach the Vietnamese Officer to Ski" story
PTFEngland added Alan Sandoval's UseNet comments
Watkins added John Watkins and photos
Grobmeier added Al Grobmeier
Scheutte added Terry Scheutte
Norway Added link in Norway about PTFs with photos, not in English.
Baker Added Mike Baker about Deltic History
Deltic History Added Deltic Preservation Society Link
Tierney Added Sean Tierney photos around DaNang
Sammons Added Tim Sammons photos around
PTF-3  Added SeaClassic pages to PTF-7(or 3) Finding the fuel tank tag story.
PTF-10 Added PTF-10 story from Jim Thomas
PTFs GreatBridge Gary ? and, Randy Brant Photos of VA boats since the move added
Ellegood Ellegood photos of PTFs in Great Lakes

12-14-02 Deltic Operation An engineering explanation about how the Deltic engine operates

10-18-02 Video Gallery Added Sean Tierneys Scenes and PTF underway streaming video with narration
Reader's Stories Added Ellerman BSU-1 License Plate photo
PTF-7 Photos Added PTF-7 photos from Bob Webb
PTF's Today Added PTF-7 (or is it PTF-3) saga and fuel tank tag mystery
History The History of PTFs in Coastal River Division-21 by Bob Stoner 
PTFs Today Updates to PTFs in Greece
History Updates to Deltic Discussion. Info from England about the locomotive Deltics.
History Added the Book Review Section

07-05-02 Reader's Stories Added Tucker, Herring, Burks, Tierney, Webb. Added Sandoval "matches" photos.
DaNang Moved content to CCOA and set it up to link across to CCoA's DaNang section.
PTF-7 Added updated info

06-06-2002 PTF7 Added photographs and more updates
PTF-3,5,6,12.. Added discussion about the confusion on PTF hull numbers.
History Added a link to The Secret Side of the Tonkin Gulf Incident by By Dale Andradé and Kenneth Conboy - Web Edition
Reader's Stories Added Durst, Dewitt, Fifield, Ericksen, Nowlin, Sudduth, Schneider, Walker
Links Added BSU-1 / Mobile Support Team-2 
Gallery - Video PTF-17 Video tour. Uses Windows Media Player.
Deltic Added Photos of Deltic from PTF-26. Added copy of Multi-Engined Propulsion

02-26-02 PTF's Today Added all current emails and photographs to PTF-7

02-14-02 PTF's Today Added all current emails and photographs to PTF-7

02-03-02 History Added emails to Deltic Discussion, new article for Deltic History: Hubert Scott-Paine

PTF's Today New pictures from England

Reader's Stories New guest: John Selph

01-31-02 PTF's today PTF-7 finds a home
PTF-23 photo tour

Readers Stories New guests: Kearney Bennett, Mike Johnston, Ron Roades, Paul Simpson, William Werner 

Technical Deltic History
Deltic Discussion 

10-27-01 Home Page New format

History DaNang Grand Prix, new map and photo

PTF's today PTF 24, England, Greece, Norway pages added. 
Trip to visit PTF 25
PTF23 in the Caribbean

Readers Stories New guests: Jack Duncan, Donald Murray, Richard Siebert, Dave Wright 

Technical Weapons - further discussions, Modelers page added

07-23-01 Home Page Added the PTF-25 Found reference.

PTF-25 New page of photos and info about finding PTF-25 in North Carolina.

04-08-01 Home Page New PTF homepage picture submitted by Bill Van Ooyen.
Update to preserving the PTF and introduction to  Combatant Craft of America

History New page about Colonel Ngo The Linh, with links to a great page

Photo Gallery Pictures sent in by Chip Marshall, Bill Van Ooyen, John Waugh, and J. David Phillips.

PTFs Today Preserving the PTF and Combatant Craft of America, Inc

  Readers Stories   E-mails received since 11/01/00
New guests: Michael, John Bush, Ngo Xuan Hung, Joseph Lombardi, Phil Raccio, Guy Roden, Tim Sammons, George Spadie, Bob Stoner

 11-04-00   Grand Gallery   New photos from 10-16-00 visit: PTF-18 and PTF's at Great Bridge (3,5-7,10-12)

    Readers Stories   E-mails received since 09/15/00
New guests: Jim Verrier and Mike Youngson

 10-11-00    Website    Now hosted by Alan Sandoval - thank you for your support !

     Main topics    Changes to banner and navigation buttons. Site best viewed with Internet Explorer
     Technical    Other Patrol Craft now located under the Technical Section

     Readers Stories    E-mails received since 08/23/00
One new guest: Dave Clark

09-17-00 Home Page PTF-23 finally found!
E-mail from Ralph Pauley

Art Gallery PTF Brochure and John Roach's sketches.

Grand Gallery Photos added for PTF-22 and PTF-23.

PTFs Today Emails and photos detailing history of  PTF-22 and PTF-23

08/23/00 Home Page New buttons on the Home Page and all chapters: smaller this time. Would liked to have played with it more, but way too much to time.

History Added pictures from Jim Gray's collection to Vietnam Review

Added great picture of Camp Fay from Alan Sandavol

Grand Gallery Finally the Grand Multimedia Gallery is open.  Many items are posted, but there are more to go.  All new additions are welcome -- please send them in.

The "rooms" in the gallery are:
   Art Gallery
   Audio Gallery
   Photo Gallery
   Video Gallery

Hope this page is as much fun for you to view as it was for us to create.

Readers Stories E-mails received since 07/22/00
One new guest: Tom Huston

The Australian, Ken Murray, has revised his letter regarding defense of their coast line with modern Nastys.