PTF Zero Six

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PTF Zero Six

Commander Thong Ba Le, formerly of the RVN Navy is a regular visitor to this site. His early emails were an inspiration to get ptfnasty.com to where it is today. His words of appreciation would be the first Thank You that I have ever received for my time in Viet Nam.

"It is my pleasure and honor to have you posted my PTF stories on your website. Thank you very much for coming to Vietnam to help us and being part of our pride to fight against the Vietnamese Communist. Your contribution had helped us to prove to the whole world of our ideal for freedom that we have been fighting for."

These are his stories of the trips with PTF-06.

PTF Zero Six- The Mission http://members.tripod.com/minhthong/stories/mission.html

PTF Zero Six-The Expendable http://members.tripod.com/minhthong/stories/ptf06ex.html

PTF Zero Six in The "Black Sea Zone"  http://members.tripod.com/haiquan9/hqhtml/ptf06.html

Since this page was first published he has added these other great pages about life in Vietnam as the country was falling to the Communists:



Plus this collection of thoughts about Vietnam in poetry: