PTF 25 Visit

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                                           PTF 25 Visit

PTF-25 the Visit

I arranged for Chip Marshall to visit the site.

Update from Odle Wood on 05/07/02 

Dan, PTF 25 has been retired as a stand alone target. A barge with an old UH-1, military cattle car and other debris was sunk adjacent to the old PT Boat Target. - Odle


ptf25.jpg (21442 bytes)

Cherry Point MCAS Target Range HQ Cherry Point MCAS Target Range HQ.jpg (28904 bytes) PTF25 at Target Range BT-11 002.jpg (37241 bytes) PTF25 at Target Range BT-11
Another shot of PTF25 at Target Range BT-11 PTF25 at Target Range BT-11.jpg (33767 bytes) ptf25newse.jpg (87085 bytes) ptf25newsa.jpg (498595 bytes)
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The first good news is I made it to Cherry Point, hooked up with Odle Wood, got out to the range and took pictures of what was left of PTF25. The only bad news is I left my digital camera in the car (we took a range boat to the target area) and did not get a digital video of the Marines shooting up the targets (very impressive!). The second good news is Odle is going to make arrangements to get me back on the range for a ShootEx on the PT boat and barge target in the fall when the mosquitoes have gone to Florida to munch on the tourists there and the weather is a little cooler than Dantes Inferno.

On the way home, I stopped at one of those one hour photo places (just happened to be next door to a Hooters in Richmond, Virginia where I got dinner) and got the film developed. Looking at the real thing is even more impressive than looking at pictures. And this morning we heard the A-10s working the range. That nose gun of theirs sounds like a Buck Rogers death ray sound effect from the movies in the 30s - VERY scary!

Corporal Hudson (he was promoted to E-4 just recently) got some shots of the Marines shooting up the boat targets with his 35mm SLR camera and long lens. Maybe Odle can talk him out of a print or two for the website. That will hold everyone over until I can get a digital movie of the ShootEx myself.

Odle made sure the skids were greased for our visit. Everyone was most accommodating and helpful. The operation they got out there does not look like much on the surface, but is very complex and important. Especially now that Vieques will no longer be on the Navy's list of places to shoot at.

More later after I get some rest.