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PT Boats At War, World War II to Vietnam, written by Norman Polmar and Samuel Loring Morison. the publisher is MBI Publishing Company. 


This book covers all of the action that PT boats have seen during this time period. Because of the great number of WWII PT boats, the majority of the book is about this era. Starting back in page 93, 8 pages are dedicated to the history of the PTF and some of the actions they saw during Vietnam.

These are some of the photos that are included in this section.

PtboatsatWar.jpg (49770 bytes) 50calMortarcombo.jpg (14706 bytes) bookactuallysaysthisis13.jpg (21776 bytes) booksaysPtf4inHawaii.jpg (9946 bytes)
The Cover 50cal. Mortar Combo foredeck mounted missiles PTF-4 in Hawaii
cheasapeakbay.jpg (24633 bytes) nasty.jpg (12836 bytes) norweigianboats.jpg (32160 bytes) osprey23.jpg (8943 bytes)
PTF underway on Chesapeake Bay Nasty Class Norwegian boats PTF-23 Osprey
pt809-ptf1.jpg (21617 bytes) 24.jpg (14119 bytes)    
PT-809-PTF-1 PTF-24