Comments  from Dave Wright

[Dave presents a different, non military view of life with PTFs]  

Hi Dan

My name is Dave Wright. I spent a couple of summers while I was in college on the PTF 26 at the PMTC in port huneme. I also worked up at Modoc Tech on the engines. It was a fun boat. I have quite a few pictures of us changing engines and some shots underway. I always wondered what happened to the boat after it was taken from Tom Bradley. I know Tom well, and he has lots of photos and stuff as well.  When I get some scanned will email them to you.   Dave

 Great to have you stop by. We are trying to find a crack in the "info void" at PMTC. There are 3 ptfs that went to heaven at the hands of that place and we need some history of what they did and where they ended up (ocean floor?). Can you shed some light? I would appreciate any and all photos and stories that you can share. Stay in touch.   Dan

 Hi Dan I know when we got the boat there was a second one that we got parts from. I cant recall if it was the 24 or the 25. Tom would know. Also he knew the person in the Targets at the PMTC, his name was Bob Franzen as I recall. I may have the last name misspelled. While I was there I know there were none of them moved over to be sunk. When we went out in the 26 it was to patrol the test boundary and pick up target drones when they ran out of fuel. I can tell you that the Napier engines are as much of a mechanical marvel as a mechanical disaster. If you have a moment I would contact Tom B. as he knows much much more on the history of the boats.   Dave