Comments from Jim West, Rio Vista, CA.

[ Although not a Veteran of PTFs, Jim is preserving PTF-26 for all of us.]

See pictures taken during our tour of PTF-26 on February 26, 2000.]


We had a crane day a couple of weeks ago, took the old main engines out, and installed a 3rd generator in the after starboard corner of the engine room. This is a Ford 4 cyl water-cooled 12kw that will serve as our in-port generator since it is much quieter than the 3-71s. We had an engine room bilge-cleaning/pressure-washing work party and it looks much better but will need more work before the bilges are ready for paint. We had to back up our estimated completion on this job but wanted to get the bilges while the engines are out. 

We are making a trade with our twin-disc  2:1 transmissions for some Capitol 3.88:1 gears because we need the lower ratio to turn those 50" props faster. We got the paint for the decks and hull but haven't started the prep yet. With luck we'll be running sometime in June and make a cruise on 4th of July weekend.

Thanks for the offer on the web page, I've been really busy, but will try to put some thought into it before too long. I also got the prints out and am going to have the crew start sorting through them. 

In your travels and on your web page our wish list includes: 

  • the ammo boxes that are missing from the bow and stern
  • build plate and other small labels/signs that are missing from the boat
  • guns or fire monitors that could be located where the guns were 
  • interior pictures
  • info on the CIC arrangement including radios and antennas.

Keep up the good work,


    Did you have success at getting those two engines in the boat yet? When and where was your next big event. You had planned to have the baby painted out and spiffed up. Do you have anything going on that I should report to the surfing masses?


It was great to have all of you visit. I hope you can return sometime when the boat is running. 

The book I mentioned is PT Boats at War, Polmar/Morison, MBI Publishing, 

February 15, 2000

Looking forward to seeing you. While some aspects of our boat are no longer original we are doing our best to keep her historically valuable, while at the same time making cruising practical. We got her with only one engine and that was not running, so we have converted her to Detroit Diesels. In general she is original except for the engines, the guns and 3 of the 4 gun mounts have been removed, and a short dog house has been added to the stern deck above the old generator room. The forward interior is original, as is the flying bridge, stack, antennas and the rest of the exterior. Our experience involves running a WWII Vosper PT, and a number of WWII Air/Sea Rescue Boats as well as a Korean War Picket boat so our emphasis has been on preservation and restoration with some compromises made in the name of cruisability.

We have a few photos and a great deal of Blue Prints but all of the best prints were stolen by previous owners. I will try to send you copies of some drawings. I don't believe the story that the Ospreys were intended to have gas turbines but do believe that one was slated to undergo that conversion.

I greatly enjoyed your web page, I think it is wonderful! One small correction: propellers are measured by diameter and pitch, not width. The Ospreys were originally 50-52s.