Comments from Cam Tran, Austin, TX

[He was a PTF skipper out of Da Nang for 5 years. ]
Dear Dan:

Thank you for the new updates to your SNAKE Page. The PTFs and Danang Harbor photos are great. I would like to thanks other PTFers fro their outstanding contribution also.

I've completed an article about the Coastal Security Services and PFTs in Vietnamese. I am trying to translate it into English now. I will share it with your guys when completed.

Keep up the good work.

Cam Tran, PTF 9 & 2 - Danang 65 - 70

Dear Dan:

You are great! I've enjoyed your PTF web-page very much.

I've completed an article in Vietnamese about the Coastal Security Service (CSS) which operates the PTFs. I am trying to translate it into English; it will take some time.

By the way, I have a picture of my PFT crew (B 2) taken around 1969. 
Do you want to post it on tour web-page?


Here is my link to the story written in Vietnamese.

My name is Cam Tran, a former South Vietnamese Naval Officer, currently living in Austin Texas.

I was a PFT skipper at Danang (NAD/CSS - Naval Advisory Detachment/Coastal Security Services) from 1965 - 1970. During that time, I've worked very close with MST personnel. I still remember one of the guys is Del Catron. And do you remember the Rendez-vous club at Son Cha - Danang? I still keep the "Zippo" lighter with a SOG logo engraved on it!

I am looking for information, stories, pictures related to PTF, Osprey and MST, NAD/CSS and Danang "Spook" base at Son Cha, near Deep Water Pier and Monkey Mountain. I am planning to write a book about the PTF forces at Danang for the SVN Navy History Project. If you have related stories, especially Ralph's trip to Hai Phong, and pictures of PTFs, Danang base, etc., please let me know.

I got your Email addresses from Dan's webpage. Thank you very much for your help when we were fighting together in Viet Nam and your assistance in the future.

God bless you all.
Cam Tran

Dear Dan:

Thanks for posting new PTF photos on your webpages. They've bought back a lot of memory. I've been trying to collect information and photos to write a story about these boats. Your photos are very helpful.

Cmdr. Thong also told me about your website. Please keep up the good work.

Cam Tran

Dear Dan:

Thanks for your quick response. I am looking forward to see new PTF photographs on your page.

I remembered that I had many DD - PTF training off Danang at around that time, might be with USS Stoddard, who know?

I am currently living in Austin, Texas.

Cam Tran

Dear Dan:

I was a PTF skipper at Da Nang from 1965 - 70. I saw picture of a PTF you took from your DD in Da Nang Bay. Do you have any more PTF pictures? I was in the process of writing PTF stories. Any help you can provided is greatly appreciated.

Cam Tran