Pictures and Comments  from Sean Tierney

[ Sean was one of the very early guys at DaNang. ]

Here is part of Sean's Photo Collection. Be sure and look at his streaming video below.

I thought you might enjoy these. Dave Williams is the guy with the scuba tank. Don't know who was on the 40MM or the 81MM. Don't know the boat number either. I don't remember the configuration with a machine gun on top of the 81MM. The guy on the bridge with the mustache was on my boat team in 65' but for the life of me I can't remember his name. Do you know who it is? The guy on the bridge without the mustache is me. Were we ever really that young???  Best regards, Sean

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DaNang White Elephant DaNang River DaNang River DaNang River DaNang River
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Dave Williams PTF 40mm PTF 81mm Unknown Skipper

(10-19-02) Visit the narrated video collection contributed by Sean of PTFs in Subic, DaNang and San Diego.

Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, I seem to be having more and more "senior" moments so trying to remember everyone with whom I served during my 4 years of active duty is getting harder and harder. I will have to go up in the attic to see if I can find all my old paperwork. I believe I reported aboard BSU-1 in March of 65'. I did my survival training in Hawaii in May and left for Vietnam in early June 65' as OIC for a training team.
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I'll try to find my orders to see who was on the team. The old gas boats (2) were still there but in July or August we loaded them on an LSD for shipment home.  Later that summer my team went to Subic Bay to run the sea trials on two new boats. After the trials we loaded them on another LSD for shipment to Danang. I honestly can't remember the numbers. We got back to CONUS in Dec. I have a picture of Mike Cardozo and I at the airport holding a newspaper with the date Dec. 7th. In April and May of 66' I did a short stint as OIC of what my memory says was PTF-13 but according to the website the 13 boat was not built until 71' so I'll see if I can find the paperwork.  Maybe it was the 12 boat. I also participated in the offical commissioning ceremony for BSU-1 in I believe May. I finished my 4 year active duty obligation and was release in early June 66'. Thanks to your lead I found the ptfnasty website and found it very interesting. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a lot of still shots of the boats or our people but I do have a lot of movies if you think people would be interested. I've always wanted to learn how to save these on the computer and copy them on to CD's so maybe this will give me the push I need to start doing it. Again, thanks for the contact and let me know if we were in the same place at the same time. If you come back to me and tell me you were on my team in Vietnam with "Stencils" and Rose, I'm going to apply for the Old Soldiers and Sailors Retirement Home immediately!!!! My home e-mail is

Best regards,   Sean