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[About the LCSR52 ]
04/06/00  [ Reply to Ford Swick from Chip Marshall]

Dan Withers passed on your email about the LCSR52 series boat. I would suggest you contact the Naval Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard in DC. The photo section would be a good place to start. Also, the Ships History Division may have information on individual hulls. I don't have the contact information right now, but they do have a website (they are part of the REAL US Navy).

Let me know how you make out. I remember seeing pictures of smaller prototype gas turbine powered craft, but they were not series production.

Chip Marshall
Silver Spring, Maryland

04/06/00 [ Reply  to Ford Swick from Jim Gray ]

The Landing Craft Swimmer Recovery Craft was part of the BSU-1 inventory, however it was designed to support UDT in amphibious operations. It was loud and temperamental these type craft were never deployed to Vietnam. LRSCs were best known for their Fulton swimmer recovery system. 

I never saw one armed with yed weapons. I believe you can find the craft on the open market civilian owned. Best way I can describe them as a Large LCPL overloaded with engines and electronics not found on the LCPL. Suggest you look in a old Janes a Large Fighting Ships for the 60's for better description. 

Personally I wasn't that impressed but then they weren't a deployable asset so I didn't train on them. But the BSU-1 unit did support UDT and diving operations locally a with them.

I'm trying to find info on a specific boat produced by Uniflite for the Navy SEALs in late 60's to early 70's. Have found many references to her - but no info. I have researched the NASTY class for purchase, but they are just to big. That's how I discovered the 52'ers I interested in. 

Sorry to bother you with non-NASTY request, but I've hit dead-ends everywhere for the last 5 weeks. Info I have; NavShips Drawing #; LCSR52-145-1847427 Stock #; 1905-887-1702 Federal Stock #; S2835-088-0524 Power; 2- Solar gas turbines @1,000 hp ea. about 21 produced 

Thank you for any info, sources, directions, contacts and/or help. 
Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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