Comments  from Jack Sudduth:

[Here is a glimpse of  history about saving the PTFs after Vietnam]

Thanks for your reply. Would be pleased to add me to the "alumni listing". My first PTF experience was with the 13 boat when we received it from England. Beautiful boat. Learned how to drive a PTF on that one. Came to love that boat and and will never forget it and the many wild adventures we had together. Got to know the other PTFs we had when I went to DaNang and Subic, but PTF 13 was my first love. Prior to that my only PT boat experience had been a John Wayne flick on late night TV. 

When I had the Special Warfare Boat job while assigned to the Pentagon UDT/SEAL billet tried to save as many PTFs as possible. Came up with the idea and got it approved of putting several in the Reserve program. Was responsible for the name change of Coastal/River Squadron from BSU. And the Reserve COSRIV DIVs came under the COSRIVRONs as they were funded and activated when enough boats became available. Had to find billets and money, but did it. This also included saving some PCFs and PBRs . Loved the boats and found it an exciting challenge trying to save as many as possible. More importantly though wanted to keep the boat program alive in the Navy and not have it die as after WW II and Korea. 

 Appreciate the contact. Jack