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[ Great sea stories from "Sieb".]

Hi Dan,
Hope all is well? To start off with I have been told to use larger than 10 font is like yelling at someone, not the case here. I feel it is a public safety issue. If I send you a ten font, if you are suffering any side effects of the damn aging process, you might take the time to go looking for your glasses and could trip over the dog at the top of the stairs and do great bodily harm top yourself or any one in you landing zone. This is all about your safety, enough of that.

When I got to BSU-1 and suffered at the hands of a GMGC, went to my assignment in the security field of the USN, the info was received in general conversation. As I remember, I seem to remember better than I can see, soon after arriving the Chief had us all together to reorganize. He had so many people in and out he wanted to realign so he had seniority back in line. He was telling us about all that had gone on during the inquest. I was there after all the testimony was finish but still was able to go to some of the social function they had for the family. It was either the Chief or a GMG2 by the name of Greene (from Barbados) in one of those sessions that talked of the PTFs. These were sold by Norway to I guess any one that had the purchase power. Then again they could have bought through a third party. I remember, go figure, that during the time of all this one of the news magazines, when they were reputable, Time, US News or Newsweek (maybe all of them) had pictures of the North Korean boats and they did look the same. I'm still relatively new at the Internet regarding looking into archives and such. I'm sure someone with that kind of knowledge could do it in short order. I was just struck with a youthful moment, I wonder if in  in Navy's of the world they may list it as part of their formidable fleet.

Thanks for getting back to me. Just another thought (there few and far inbetween) when I went to the web site I was surprised to see that the 13 boat was sold to a dive shop. Figuring in fuel it sure could be an expensive day of diving. What a great drug running boat. You could just use the fuel tanks to give you enough fuel for your run and use the rest for transporting. Guess after 29 years in law enforcement your mind (a miracle in itself that there is anything left) works that way. Take care God bless!!!!!!!                                                                  
Richard(Sieb)Siebert GMG-3    BSU-1    Coronado


Hope all is well? As far as modifications not much when I was there. I got to BSU-1 Feb 67. Reported to gun shack. Was a bastard child, Chief had his little crew and I didn't fit for what ever reason. An assignment that no one had any idea what it was about came along after being there a real short time. All I was told was go to blg. # and report to the Chief Master at Arms. Picked up my gear and with an attitude reported. The attitude lasted about 1 minute after arriving. The unknown assignment was security for the Pueblo inquest. 24 on 48 off and I already had a place on the beach about 75 yrds from the Imperial Beach Pier. That was 2 days of surfing, drinking and partying. I had a "56"pink and white Caddy with black roll and tuck through out the interior (done at Rickie's in Tijuana, double stitched). It got better, the Chief got us all together after being there for a couple of days to figure out pecking order. I ended up with a duty section, a pickup truck at my disposal(had special marking on it so the Marines at the gate were not to stop it)and a third class BM that was a Beach Master that loved to do the watch bill and any other paper work we might encounter, all he asked for was not to have the mid watch. I had all great guys, no problems with anyone. Roy Hall BM-3, Roy was black and I used to bring him home to San Diego with me driving the Caddy Roy in the back seat with a big old cigar. Pulled up in front of his apartment brought me up to meet his black wife (Roy was very light skinned) In short order she told me she never wanted that pimp mobile parked in front of her home again and made some pretty disturbing threats
against Roy. I know the lady liked me. Betty's best friend was a white girl from Georgia who's daddy was a minister, then to top this group off was another one of my men, Daniel Boone(that's right) and from Kentucky. He had a "60"Chevy Biscyne with a 327 Corvette engine in it. We all got along well. Betty always suggested that Boone and me leave the neighborhood before it got dark,but we were usually carrying a good package by that time and didn't worry to much. I ramble, a lot. Back to PTF-13. When the inquest ended, saddly I went back
to the gun shack. I wasn't there 15 min. and I was sent over by pickup to National Steel in San Diego, again unknown why. I get there and I meet the Chief of the boat. QMCM(or MC)Great guy, welcomes me aboard and advises me that the suffering I had endured in the past will continue. 13 section duty and the BM-1 usually takes all the duties for the goose. I will be picked up at my residence at somewhere around 0700 and 0900hrs. Break for chow at 1100, back at 1300 start cleaning up around 1400-1430 and gone for the day. How did they expect me to tolerate this abuse much longer. It did, after a while this BM-3 named Solis from Tenn. and me approach the Chief with what we thought of  as a grand scheme, I mean idea. What if we stayed on board till they all got back at 1300 and then we left. He thought it to be a grand idea, he actually got more work out of us two than the other after chow considering most were on a liquid diet. During the time at NS we rarely saw the OIC or the XO, just the Chief. Every one on board except one was rated. They had done some work on the engines, put in some new fuel tanks, lighter, and we did a complete paint job on her. When we put her back in the water, Chula Vista witnessed no doubt one of the finest parties ever. We went out on ops just after we went back in. After it got dark we made a run out off hiding and I put some chaff up then I put illumination over a cruisers bow stern and after it signal that it was sunk, just for good measure one round over her superstructure. The old man of the cruiser was wild, he felt we were rubbing it in, we were. After that we took off into a cove dropped anchor, fished and swam. Next day we were heading back in and the Jg was sent a message to report to Adm. somebody. After we tied up he did as ordered. When he came back down to the boat he looked a little pale. He asked us if any of us knew what an operation like the one we were in cost. We all answered in
the negative, he told us he did because the admiral told him, it was a lot. He denied hiding out and stuck to his story that we were just good and evaded all night long. Jg didn't get transferred but I'm sure he didn't buy the Jg
story. I always felt it was because of the old man on the Cr. was just POd. I don't know what some of the other boats were out fitted with for gear but we had the single RF 40MM aft 20MM port and starboard of the super structure and a 50cal w/81MM mortar under on the bow. That was the same combo the swift boats had aft.
What I do remember most was when we would be out in blue water and after he got permission from Blanket Ass, he would let those 36 cylenders loose and it was clear the decks. That boat for such a big wooden hull got up and went. I don't think I helped you much but because of that boat I was going to ship over. I was in PhibPac and I knew that would be were I would stay, it was fine with me. My wife at the time said she would write, should have let her do it. I'll end my rambling for now.     

Take care God Bless!!!!!!!!!
Richard(Sieb)Siebert  GMG-3

Thank you for the info. 

Went to the MRFA reunion and got more blank looks when I talked about BSU-1. I was on the PTF-13 by the looks of the histories it was sold as a dive boat. That thing would cost a fortune to run. 

We had an EN-1 named Taylor he was full blooded Apache. We called him Blanket ass, only kidding, because he was like the side of a mountain. Because of that he was also referred to as F.B.I. (you figure it out.) Just after we got out of the yard we took the 13 out of Pt. Loma. The young Jg we had for OIC was a good kid, Taylor tolerated "the kid". After we putted around for a few the Jg gave the word to secure gear a drift. He looked at me and smiled then slammed the throttles to the stops. All of a sudden the throttles came flying back knocking him off balance, the hatch flies open and Taylor's head comes  popping up and he just glared at the Jg then told him that if he ever did that to his engines again he would kill him and just disappeared back down into the control room. Jg looked at me a little bewildered and I just looked back at him and said "I think he means it" "But I'm an officer!" I think he will kill you".    

Well enough of sea stories thanks again and God Bless!!

Richard(Sieb)Siebert  GMG-3   IUWG-1  Unit-3 BSU-1    67-69