Comments  from Phil Raccio

[ Welcome Phil aboard. He is an early PTF rider..]  

05/02/02 Hi JIM Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, as of today I just got back from ARUBA. I was on the one boat, and the Capt. was MR. KNIGHT. The one boat was the only aluminum hull boat there. That was back in 64. The 4 Packard engines put out 2,500 horse per engine. We had a crew of 20 originally. When we where in DaNang the crew was like 10 of us. I remember the name ROSE, as for me I was well known as the LITTLE GUINEA. I was an enginemen 3rd class at that time. Most of my crew are gone, there are a few I have found, as for the 2 boat, we where together most of the time, not much later the fast and nasty's joined in. The 2 boat ran on AV gas also, She had a wooden hull. 

Jim, please keep in touch an let me know how I could help. That boat and teams meant a lot to me, as for now it's getting a little late, so take care. PHIL RACCIO

Hi Dan,

I enjoyed your site and would like some info on the PTF-1, seeing that I was on that boat in 1964 in Nam. 

If you have anyone that might write to you from the crew please let me know.

Your site is a mind blower to me seeing all those boats and pictures brought back instant flash backs.

Thanks Again