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Does anyone remember the mission that we went on to salvage a PTF up North that had the bow blown off?  We had to use p250 pumps to get the water out, then towed the boat 60 miles back to DaNang. We then tried to get the boat into the portable dry dock, but because of water in the belly of boat it tilted and a boatsman fell from up on the top and was cut up really bad.

I am trying to find anyone that was there when I was, 1966.  As we were towing the boat we could see tracer bullets coming from the on shore firing. I still have the letter of commendation that I got but it didn't mean much as we were "TOP SECRET" so no other recognition was given. 

Did any of you have Vietnamese ID cards instead of United States cards?  We did if I recall correctly.

Ralph Pauley
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I have not passed on just been busy, and to be truthful just reading this page on info about the people who served in Nang --  the pics are great and boy oh boy the reflection of days gone by.  Ii think one of the guys served in BSU1 same time as me-- John Waugh.

I will be putting on a presentation later this yr on the PTF Nasty to a group of Veterans, this page will be a life saver, thanks to everyone and keep up the great page.

If you want to know more about our Group you can go to
This guy, Jeff Dentice really does us a great job. 

My Name is Ralph Pauley GMG3 i served on the PT's in late 64/65 out of Danang could have been me in that photo, we went into Hiphong(spelling) harbor to save one of our boats had a little encounter bow blow off, we towed back to Danang 60 plus miles, recommended for Presidential Citation but because off top secret never got it, oh well, nice page, if you would want to hear some of my in country spice you can contact me.

Thanks for responding. I live in Missouri, retired, 55  from Chrysler 30 yrs--  would love to share with you-  shutting my computer down for New Year -- will get with you after the first, Happy New Year