Comments from Carl Moore

[Here is a question to the group - Dan]  
Hello Dan thanks for info on the update. I was Army way-up-north but was at your site hoping to find some ARVN address...and had contacted you in hopes that you or some one of your guys might have some info on ARVN sites....

I'm looking for what's left of the ARVN 3rd ...that became the 2nd Inf but was wiped out...was hoping a few might have made it .

Also looking for one of them that saw two cobras that were lost.....But not on the books!

You have a great site and I passed it on to some Former Navy-WWII

Well I'm pressed for time so will chat with you E again when I get some time.

THANKS from Carl

Very nice site...I found it while looking for ARVN sites.... So.. not your area but ...

Do you know if the ARVN had AH-1 Cobras in I-Corp Aug or Sept of 70?

Tnx fm