Comments  from Tom Huston

[ If you met "Mickey Mouth" let Tom know ]  


Name is Tom Huston.  
I was an EM2 with BSU1 and MST DaNang.
Three tours in DaNang with the Nastys... October of 65 for the first, last tour ended in June of '68. 
Currently live in Tracy, CA.

Lots of pictures (slides mostly), will try to have them translated into .gif format and send em on...

Now, does anyone remember Jake the monkey, Hochie the dog or Irving the snake?  
Those three were quite a pair..

I also didn't see any mention of our "training beach", especially Mickey Mouth.... 
Trying to forget are we,,,,,,,



    "Spanish beach" was a USNAD/MST private "training area", located about 1km from the upper base, i.e. not too far from the deep water piers at the end of the Ten Sha peninsula It consisted of a bar, beach, women for rent etc. We spent Sunday afternoon's there, BBQ, drinking, swimming, diving, ski boat, and renting some of those women. Mickey Mouth (and all that that implied) chewed Bethel nut so her teeth were black and the gums and lips bright red!.. YUK, No one ever admitted to "renting" Mickey, but........