Comments  from Ngo Xuan Hung

[ This unexpected email and the new History link has filled in a lot of the missing information about the formative years of CSS/NAD and the requirements that required a boat like the PTF. ]  

Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for adding link to Colonel Ngo The Linh website in the future. I would like to confirm that it was Colonel Linh and William Colby who started commandos missions
by the sea since 1959, then later Colonel Linh and SOG (1964) founded Coastal Security Service (So Phong Ve Duyen Hai -SPVZH).

He was the founder and first commander of CSS and formed the Sea Commando Teams - Luc Luong Biet Hai in 1964 (original team trained in Nha Trang in 1960 for sea commanod missions under CIA):

Beside running spy network and commando teams to the North by air and by sea, Colonel Ngo was also instrumental in forming Earth Angles (North Vietnamese Ralliers), Sacred Sword Patriots League and other spyops with LTC McKnight and Colonel Sadler & Colonel Singlaub:

Please help me in honoring all American and Vietnamese who fought so hard and made so much sacrifice in CSS and NAD (Commander Fay, Tougleman, and others).

I look forward to be working with you in future projects to continue making the public more aware of the courageous and sacrifice made by CSS/NAD in Vietnam maritime warfare.

Thank you Sir.

Best Regards,

Ngo Xuan Hung