Comments  from Chuck CWO3 C. J. Harrod

[Here are examples of just how secret things were around there. ]  

Add what ever you think might be of interest. The local maps/charts that showed Harbor Entrance Control, Monkey Mountain, Camp Tenshaw, the junk base we tied up at, and other points of interest didn't have any marks, checks, or indicators whatsoever, that the Nasty Base even existed. The boats unmarked as you know, hung a portable number on the windshield to tell them apart when in port. I had mine sweep gear stored in their compound, but even with a pass, they watched me like a hawk. I don't think the guys stationed there were allowed cameras. So, my people took NO pictures to my knowledge.

Except for borrowing their crane for engine changes, we acted like they weren't there. 


I skippered a Mine Sweeping Boat, as BM1, that ran the river and inner harbor Danang 1965-66. doing what Stoddard did in the outer harbor. We drove right by the Nasty base (We called them Spooks) on the way to our mooring.

We were in pistol range which makes them pretty close. I got to board one when it was on its way to a LSD for transport to Subic.

Seems a temporary plug in the underwater exhaust line came out and she was sinking. The pusher boat coxswain wasn't going to let me aboard until he realized he had never seen the P250 pump he borrowed from me, and didn't have the foggiest how to operate it. Ironically, I had a Top Secret Clearance, but not a "need to know". Consequently, your web-site is very interesting to me. And has answered a lot of old questions.

Some of the boats I saw leave had all American crews on it. Or their are tall blonde Vietnamese out there somewhere. Would like to be kept posted, if not to much trouble.
Chuck CWO3 C. J. Harrod USN (ret)