Pictures and Comments from Jerry Foster

[ Here is a historian that comes from a different perspective - Dan.]  

My name is Jerry Foster and I am interested in the Trumpy built "Nasty". 

Really enjoyed your Website. I am the " Historian" for the Trumpy Yacht Association, Inc and would be interested in any information that you have on the Trumpy built PTF, since my information on these boats is very limited. I know PTF 17 is in Buffalo. When I saw her this summer, she was in very poor condition. PTF-18 was hauled out at Seminol Boat Works, Palm Beach Gardens, FL and moved to Ft. Lauderdale July 1998. I have not heard of her since (she was at Seminol 4 to 6 years). As to the other the PTF's, I have no positive information. 

A brief history of myself, I left the Navy in 1965 (my "nut" field was EOD). After a brief trip to Europe, I began working on yachts, as a professional captain. The first yacht spent the summers at Trumpy's Yard in Annapolis, Md. when the PTF were being built. (Even test ran one of the PTF's with Don Trumpy at yhe yard.) I spent 37+ years working on yachts with my wife. 

In 1990, Don Trumpy gave me the contract list (with number of each contract) of every Trumpy/Mathis and I turned it into an 60 page list of every Owner with the name of his yacht and when he bought her. I have been keeping The Trumpy List up to date ever since. 

I know the PTF's as Contract # from #429(PTF-17) to #434 (PTF-22). 

Any information on the PTF's, ie where they are, are they still floating, were any turned into yachts, etc, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am requesting your permission to list your Website on my TRUMPY list. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Jerry Foster, N. Palm Beach, Fl Phone (561) 848-2691 Fax (561) 848-8691 

If there is anything that you can help me with as to what happen to the Trumpy built boats I would be greatly appreciate the information. I would also like your permission to put the "" website on the list with the PTF's, Jerry