Comments  from Scott Eriksen:

[Scott recalls PTFs at Little Creek.]
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Dan, found some photos and scanned some from my cruise book. I found one pic of the boat compound at Little Creek, the PTF`S were behind the PL`S, not to clear in this photo.

Sending some shots of COSRIVRON/UDT PL`S on the Hermitage`s flight deck and BEACHMASTER`S  LARC`S. 

Will send more when I find them.

Great job on your website,

I was an Engineman 2nd class on the USS Hermitage LSD-34   1972-76 at Little Creek. I can remember seeing 2 or 3 PTF`S  laid up in their cradles in a fenced in area on the base.

I know I took pictures of them; have to dig through all my photos. When I find them I will e-mail them to you.

We had a COSRIVRON 2 detachment on board when we deployed, they had their own LCPL`S ,,,no NASTYS ....too bad I never got the chance to see one underway.

Take care
Scott Eriksen