Comments  from Vern Dewitt:

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Hi Jim, 

Yeah, haven't been much on the web this last year as I started an antique shop (The Odditorium) here in Duvall Wa. Much busy, but the shop IS very unique with a lot of weird, odd, one of a kind items. Jim, I have probably have 80 or so pics of the base, personnel, and surrounds of Nam and I just might have a pic of you,,, I'll check and if I do I'll Scan it and attach it to email for you. Oh,,,, I really could use the actual dates that we arrived incountry to see if my dates are correct on my web page. Yes, I am familiar with both the PTF page of Dan's and the combat boats page. I see now that the Swift Boat Assoc. is planning a reunion this August at Gig Harbor, WA. I live about forty miles from there, so I plan on at least attending at their open house so I can put faces to names. I only know these people via their mailing lists, though I feel I know them by reading their posts. Are you on their list server? Well Jim, I will look for some pictures of you, I will send you any pics of personnel I have. 

L8er Verne

[ Here are some photos submitted by Vern.]

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Spanish Beach Nam Five  China Dive bar at Spanish Beach China Dive party Cut on Line, QM1
Kerns has more Tattoos than most Sailors 
Guard Dog, Duke came from
Subic Bay, PI. on the Three or Four Boat in 1964 
Gunner guard shack
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Party Shep rivera Smiles-Jim Thomas EN2 1965,  Spook divers - Woody on the left, check right leg Ex Marine/ CIA Walker and others XO Vietnamese from upper camp.