Comments from George Colias

Dan, thanks for your reply.  I did find a photo of PTF's 2,3 &4 taken off Little Creek in 1963.  I hope it comes through OK.  If I find anything more, I will pass it along.  Please feel free to share anything I come up with.

I live in the Chicago suburb of Palatine, IL.  I haven't been in contact with any of the people of the original 3&4 crews for quite awhile.  I will try and dig up some of the names of the crews and pass them along also.

Take care.

George Colias



Hi Dan.  My name is George Colias.  I was the original skipper of the PTF4.  I stumbled across the web page, and was very impressed with the amount of information contained on the site.  I hadn't seen a lot of the later pictures of DaNang.  When the 3 and 4 boats arrived in DaNang in February, 1964, there was a small pier to tie up to, and nothing else.  

The pictures on the web site are excellent. They were really beautiful boats.  The original 3 and 4 crews probably babied the boats too much .... but then again, we never really saw action with them.  We turned the boats over to the Vietnamese crews in April of 1964.  I was saddened to see that the 4 boat had been lost, but Iím really happy that the 3 boat survived and will be restored.  The original skipper of PTF3 was John Graham, and he would be pleased as well.  

Sorry I don't have any pictures that I could send you to add to the web site.  A lot of that stuff has been lost in the shuffle over the past 39 years.  Thanks for taking the time to keep the web site up-to-date.  It brought back a lot of memories. 


George Colias