Comments  from Red Chandler

[Red was involved with the transition from "gassers" to Nasties - Dan ]  

No the four of five PTfs I talked about were in the bushes some where on The East Coast discarded after the Vietnam war. I found them on the web. I Hope the clarifies that. The Russian Pts had been given to the Chinese and in one case we captured a Chinese adviser. The Nungs questioned him but I don't know what happened to him. Yes the #1 and #2 bouts were world war Two boats and they had three 16 cylinder Packards that burned Av-gas so hot we could use it in cigarette lighters. Give me your address and I will send you some snail mail with a picture. Write when you can.   

The Russian Sawkow (not sure of the spelling) [Swatow] used gas turbines and could out run the Nasties but not the gun boats (or gassers ) if we could keep all the engines running. The main problem was the superchargers. The gun boats were designed for the Atlantic fleet during the Second World War. Immediately after the Gulf of Tonkin the gassers were sunk off the coast of Hawaii. They were loaded onto a LSD and taken there. Why are you so interested? 
Red Chandler