Comments from Dan Andersen

[ Stay with us, who knows what this will lead to ]

Dan how's it go'in?
You will have to excuse the Aussie parlance.

I've been a fan of the PT's, since I was old enough to talk (30 years) but down in OZ they're obviously pretty scarce!

So Basically I'm hankering for a PTF to restore and use, well actually that and live on, and sail the world in,  but for some reason they seem "extremely expensive", as in three times what I could build one for?

I would genuinely love to restore an original PTF, but from over here it seems like I would be buying a piece of sh_t for far too much.

The only info I have is off the net, and the going price is $388,000.00 US, that equates to over half a million here and frankly it's not worth it! But I would rather spend money on something historical than something new. Can you assist in some current info? relating to these great boats?

Dan Andersen
Royal Australian Air Force
RAAF Base Laverton Vic, 3030